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If you don't see what you want on our display, just pre-order it. Most products are available within a day and there is no minimum. (We just can't keep inventory of everything; for obvious reasons:)





Our fish mongers are happy to provide custom butchering. We scale, clean, custom cut, fillet and butterfly your fish on the spot just the way you want us to.We do all the dirty work, so all you have to do is cook:)









Simply put, we care. We source our products rigorously; only from environment friendly suppliers.


We also believe there is a misconception when it comes to wild caught & farmed seafood. Not all wild caught is good, or all farmed products are bad for you.


For wild caught products we try to source from MSC(Marine Stewardship Council ) certified suppliers and we are in the process of getting our own certification in the supply chain.


As for the farmed seafood, there are several certifications that we look for when buying. ASC (Aquaculture Stewardship Council) and Global Gap are couple of them. We also look for tags and certifications that indicates no hormones or antibiotics used during farming process. Some species are only available farmed, we value the effort of the specific farms who went through a lot to get certified. Feel free to check which standards they have to follow in order to get the certification.


Our knowledge is what separates us from others. We constantly read, research and attend seminars so you don't have to. After all this is what we do for living, we want to be your trusted source when it comes to seafood.

Our shipments are hand selected to meet our customer's demands. If we don't like what we receive we simply send it back to the supplier even if it means losing a sale for

the day. Our reputation on quality is very important to us..


We are direct importers of many species we sell, less people in the middle, better product you get.


We get shipments 6 days a week to ensure delivering the best quality products for you.